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What are the benefits of our Montessori classes for your child?

What are the benefits of our Montessori classes for your child?

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Our Montessori classes are very different to other groups for toddlers, but why?

Parents often ask me why our classes are different to others? Here I’ll explain some of the benefits of our unique Montessori activities and why our sessions are so fantastic for your child’s development. Read on to find out more!

Encouraging independence and confidence in preparation for nursery and school:

  • Small group size allows your child the freedom to do things at their own pace, with as much time as they need and no pressure. There’s time to take care of their own basic needs (e.g. taking off shoes and coat, getting a drink and snack, wiping their nose and face etc.).
  • Opportunities for parents to discover ways to continue this independence throughout the day at home.
  • Our groups are calm and gentle so your child feels supported and accepted.

Washing hands!

Developing co-ordination and practical life skills:

  • We have real-life activities that your child can do in our safe and nurturing space, with support from a qualified and experienced teacher.
  • Our activities develop fine and gross motor coordination so your child gains confidence from using their body in purposeful ways.

Developing clear, structured, inquisitive minds:

  • Our wooden toys help develop logical thought and problem-solving skills.
  • Our practical life activities require your child to complete a whole sequence of steps, which is so important for the developing mind.

Practical life area

Making new friends and exploring social interactions:

  • Because our classes are small there are focused opportunities for your child to feel confident practising social skills and making new friends .
  • It’s never overwhelming because our groups are calm and welcoming for everyone.
  • I’m always here to oversee and ensure challenging situations are overcome kindly and positively.

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Encouraging free activity according to each child’s own initiative with stimulating, purposeful toys and cultural activities:

  • Each child is free to choose their own activities, including singing and snack prep groups.
  • This is important because every child is following their own developmental plan and their interests will vary accordingly.
  • We have a huge variety of toys and activities so that every child finds something they love.

There’s no need to worry if your child isn’t willing to join in a group activity because ALL our toys are specifically chosen for their developmental value.

  • Children are always unconsciously absorbing everything they experience.
  • How often have you said something and wished you hadn’t because your child had picked up on it instantly and then repeated it for some time? Often parents find their child starts singing our songs at home, when it had seemed they weren’t paying attention in the class!
  • Your child will still be developing the coordination and life skills they need, even if they refuse to join a group.
  • Over the next few weeks they will be absorbing the songs and other activities, and once they’re ready they’ll choose to join in fully with the song and snack groups.

changing a cd

Enabling repetition of a process to build up concentration, coordinated movements, self-motivation and confidence:

  • There is plenty of time for your child to sit with an activity for as long as they want – until they feel satisfied with their efforts and understanding.
  • We never force a child to hand their toy to another child before they’re ready. We help the other child find something else to play with, or sit and wait for that toy if they prefer.
  • Everything is done kindly and respectfully because we have a solid understanding of child development and human needs.

spray cleaning

Language activities that bring about conversation, to encourage self expression and develop speech and vocabulary:

  • We have classified groups of toys and pictures that help your child learn new words and understand abstract concepts such as 2D, 3D, same and similar.
  • For example, groups of Schleich animals that are commonly found in Africa; types of water vehicles with matching pictures; objects used for gardening or painting; sea creatures with matching cards; furniture found in different rooms around the home.
  • The children love to play with these objects and learn all their names – it’s a really simple way to increase their vocabulary and spoken language.

Matching language cards and animals

Your child’s personality, co-ordination, independence and language is created in the first 3 years of their lives and this forms the very foundations on which they build as they grow:

  • Our groups support your child holistically so they can develop towards their full potential.
  • Plus you’ll discover ways to make your home life easier too!

Music and art

Contact me if you’d like to experience them for yourself and book a free trial session! I’d love to meet you and show you around.