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About Rochelle Cutler

Montessori Tutoring Essex

Double AMI Montessori Diploma holder

Rochelle Cutler is a fully qualified and experienced AMI Montessori teacher with extensive experience of working with many different groups of children, parents and carers.

She facilitates all our groups, parenting workshops and home support services.

Rochelle has held the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Casa Dei Bambini Diploma (3 to 6 years) since 2004 and Assistants to Infancy Diploma (birth to 3 years) since 2014.

AMI was set up by Dr Maria Montessori to safeguard her life’s work. It is the most authentic Montessori training available and is recognized by 110 countries as a high standard of excellence in guiding early childhood development through theory, observation, presentation of materials and other age-appropriate activities.

Over 30 years experience

Rochelle is first aid trained and DBS approved, with 20 years experience as a Montessori teacher and 30 years experience as a nanny, working with children from birth up to adulthood.

She is a classically trained musician, achieving Grade 7 in both piano and cello, and playing acoustic guitar, bass guitar and drums. She has a Diploma in Professional Garden Design, and won 1st Prize for her Bespoke Montessori Parenting App idea on the Launch-It Creative Tech Accelerator Programme in 2023.

Dedicated to working with families

Rochelle established I Can Do It Montessori in 2010. She loves working with children and has a solid understanding of parents’ needs and the challenges they commonly face. She helps families resolve common issues such as tantrums, fussy eating, toileting, sleep, sibling rivalry, homework stress, or simply helping to create a positive and productive home environment so children can reach their potential.

She particularly loves introducing the fundamental principles of the Montessori approach to families and communities (respect, kindness, open communication, patience, observation, positive discipline and consistent limits) using tried and tested strategies, fun and educational activities.

Influential member of the worldwide Montessori community

She has been featured by influential Montessori sources including The Maria Montessori Institute in London, twice by Baan Dek Montessori in the USA (2015 and 2018), and How We Montessori in Australia. She has been a coursework reader on the Assistants to Infancy Course at The Montessori Training Centre of St Louis and presently at The Maria Montessori Institute, and she is well-respected within the UK Montessori community.

Rochelle also features in the teacher training video for the Maria Montessori Institute in London UK