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Montessori Positive Parenting Expert

Welcome to the home of I Can Do It Montessori!

Authentic AMI Montessori classes and consultancy since 2010

Are you looking for gentle, respectful parenting support in the comfort of your own home, self-paced online Montessori positive parenting courses, individual maths and language tutoring, or friendly positive parenting workshops?

Do you want to find positive parenting support, family mentoring, advice and tips so your home can be a happy, calm, stress-free place for your whole family?

If your child is aged between birth to 12 years old, you’ve found everything you need right here!

Parenting Support & Family Mentoring Services:

Hello, my name is Rochelle Cutler. I’m a double-qualified AMI Montessori teacher and nanny with over 30 years experience. I offer a variety of services to help you and your family, including:

I offer bespoke Zoom sessions and also travel to families in Braintree, Essex, London, East of England and South East England to guide you through making simple changes that will transform your home!

So, what is Montessori all about?

Montessori is a holistic method of raising and educating children that works because we consider the whole child – psychologically, intellectually and physically…We support you in preparing to consistently meet your child’s developmental needs as they grow and change.

My mission is to bring simple, effective, and gentle parenting techniques to as many families as possible, through my workshops, classes and family support services…I provide accessible support so you can understand your child’s needs and work together towards fulfilling their infinite potential.

What’s different about our sessions? If you’re looking for a calm, friendly and relaxed alternative to standard classes you’ve found it here. I began running our award-winning toddler groups in 2010 and expanded to include parenting classes and workshops, home tutoring, 121 parenting support and family mentoring.

I provide gentle environments for adults and children to learn, develop and socialise.

All my sessions incorporate many important Montessori principles: self-directed learning; individual exploration; purposeful activities; freedom of choice; a calm and respectful environment.

In our Parenting Classes and Montessori in the Home Workshops you’ll learn simple, effective parenting tips and positive discipline techniques…Montessori in the Home workshops give you the opportunity to learn and apply Montessori techniques at your own pace, including:

  • Positive Discipline Techniques
  • Handling Transitions
  • Enriching Language
  • Practical Life in the Home.

Aid to Life Parenting Classes show you simple techniques to help your child develop all these skills before they turn 4 years old:

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Coordinated and Careful Movements
  • Independence and Confidence
  • Self-Discipline and Perseverance

You can find out about parenting classes and workshops that are available in your area by clicking here

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