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Montessori Positive Parenting Course

The I Can Do It Montessori Positive Parenting Course is now available to purchase via Paypal. This course shares my knowledge and experience from the past 30+ years of nannying, teaching and home parenting support. 7 modules with a huge variety of tips, strategies, child development information and simple, fun activities

Each week I’ll email you 2 x PDF lessons from the course. You’ll have time to read them, start making changes, and email me any questions afterwards.

FREE 7-Day Montessori Observation Challenge

Can you find 5 minutes each day to sit down and watch your child playing independently? That’s all you need to take part in our Montessori observation challenge!

Parents often ask me for recommendations of Montessori toys for children, so here are some ideas for products your child will love!

Montessori toys for 0-3 month babies

I love helping people find Montessori toys that support children’s natural development and also provide hours of fun:

Montessori toys for 3-6 months

I’ve listed products in categories so you can easily find lovely things for your child. From newborns to babies, toddlers to preschoolers – everything is recommended in our Montessori training courses because they are absolutely wonderful:

Montessori parenting books

You can purchase my Montessori Positive Parenting Online PDF Course by clicking the heart icon below. I’m working on an individualised parenting app too and will update you as soon as it’s ready:

Online PDF Montessori Parenting Course