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The  Montessori Society AMI UK – updates, events, seminars and articles from AMI Montessori in the UK. Find local AMI schools and training centres, buy books and other quality resources.

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) headquarters – links to training, schools, vacancies, and outreach projects around the world.

The Maria Montessori Institute in London – the UK’s only authentic AMI teacher training centre, plus outstanding schools and community outreach work.  Also: click here to watch a video about why their training is so special (including a few appearances by me!).

The Aid to Life initiative offers a treasure trove of tips and techniques for families of 0-3 year olds. Their website is easy to navigate and provides answers for all kinds of questions about home setup, developmental milestones, and helping your child achieve their full potential. – a fantastic source of blogs written by world-renowed Montessorians

the montessori observer

The Montessori Observer – online paper with up-to-date Montessori news and information from all over the world. A great source for parents, carers and teachers alike.

montessori guide

Montessori Guide – a superb online resource for Montessori teachers and families. Masses of videos that show all aspects of our education method within primary and elementary classrooms: holistic learning, curriculum, assessment, independence, observation and the role of adults.


How We Montessori – a wonderful blog site created by mum, Kylie D’Alton, who’s incorporated the fundamental Montessori principles within her home. She has no formal Montessori training but has understood the very essence of everything Dr Montessori envisaged.

Madmen 2

Montessori Resources List – a simple and comprehensive compilation: websites, articles, books, scientific research, videos, speeches, presentations and media coverage. Great for previous, current, new and potential Montessori parents.

michael olaf baby

Michael Olaf – a wonderful site with loads of helpful information, activities and video clips of activities that support children’s optimal development. Discover all about the natural development of children from 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 through quotes from Dr Montessori and clear explanations of the Montessori principles.

I’ve also listed some places where you can find quality Montessori toys online in my blog post here. From babies to older children, there’s something for everyone including practical life materials for the kitchen!And for natural relief for babies with colic, colds and cradle cap, I discovered these products from a company called Frida. Definitely worth trying these, especially to help with colic and immature digestive systems.