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My Top 10 Montessori Parenting Books

Mariana Bissonnette has created a really user-friendly book for parents to understand the first 18 months:

Montessori Parenting: Babies Build Toddlers

This was the first Montessori 0-3 book I bought and it helped me understand under 3s so much:

Montessori from the Start

Simone Davies’s first book about toddlers. Really comprehensive information for parents and teachers:

The Montessori Toddler

Simone Davies created this excellent baby book after the huge success of her toddlers book:

The Montessori Baby

Sarah Moundry produces wonderful short booklets that give all the necessary information in an accessible way:

Montessori Toilet Awareness

Dr Laura Markham’s first book – a wonderful resource that I recommend to many families:

Calm Parents, Happy Kids

Dr Markham’s second book – absolutely wonderful when you have siblings:

Calm Parents, Happy Siblings

Dr Ross W. Greene’s outstanding book that is an essential for parents of children who have extremely challenging behaviours:

The Explosive Child

Sarah Moudry has published another excellent booklet to help parents create healthy food habits from weaning onwards:

First Food to Family Meals

Elizabeth Hainstock has explained how to do loads of simple Montessori activities for parents to use at home:

Teaching Montessori in the Home