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Parenting Classes & Workshop Testimonials

MC: “Thank you very much for the advice and support at the [Cambridge] parents’ workshop. Thank you also for the Montessori book recommendations; they were very helpful and we really enjoy them.”

MK: “Your advice last time helped me tremendously! I have used the technique of discussing our expectations prior to entering the supermarket and it worked straight away. I can now go to the supermarket with no problems with my son. I also stopped using the naughty step method, replacing it with a firm discussion when something is not right and an explanation at his level and things improved considerably… I have found myself more able to do things and be more patient with my son than before.”

JS: “My friends and I recently attended one of Rochelle’s Aid to Life sessions – fantastic. If you ever stop and wonder “why does he do that… why won’t he listen… how do I deal with the tantrums… how can I get him to go to sleep… etc. etc.” then this is for you! It was such an enlightening evening; Rochelle listens and gives you clear and sensible advice on how to deal with such problems. Like having your very own supernanny! The advice she has given me on tantrums, sleeping issues and eating has worked very effectively.”

SP: “I thought last night was amazing and so did my friends! Extremely helpful to talk in a group and a great simple format with the DVD. My friend and I went home and tried out one of the things you suggested about involving the children in daily chores [Practical Life activities] and my goodness, what a difference it makes.”

CC: “I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions on Independence and Language. I thought both classes were fantastic and am recommending them to my friends!  The open discussion was very useful, as hearing other peoples issues / concerns / experiences is always very interesting and helpful.  And the practical tips and ideas you shared on what to do with the children were brilliant!”

PM: “It was very interesting to the point that I already took all your comments on board and already saw a change in my son. It was also a nice opportunity to meet mums and to share our experiences.”

SF: “I really enjoyed last night.  I thought at the time it was ‘obvious’ (to me anyway) however when I talked to my husband about the evening there were lots of things I wasn’t doing that I could do.”

LM: “Really interesting and useful, I’m already applying most things with my son.”