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Toddler Group Testimonials

KB: “We’ve had such a great time attending your wonderfully thought-out toddler sessions and I know S will miss it all – all your beautiful toys,  instruments,  animals and crafts, snack time, the singalong – not to mention getting himself a drink of water 50,000 times…  Thank you also for your advice and support re his nursery settling in sessions.”

KD: “Thank you so much for all you have done to help us learn and grow over the past few months. We’ve so enjoyed our weekly visits and will very much miss coming.”

CL: “Thank you for the inspiring visit to your parent toddler group. The little community you have created remains with me days later as so vivid, loving, welcoming, exceptional! So lovely to observe the children – their delight, their competence, the way they each went about their tasks. You have created a space full of love and good humour.”

IP: “You’re so patient and kind during the sessions with all the children and mothers / carers. You’re super enthusiastic and passionate about childhood development and that is evident.”

PS: “You put in a lot of love, care, energy and effort into our classes. A’s favourite words seem to be ‘I can do it’. She (almost) put on her cardigan and was buttering herself a sandwich. She has grown in confidence.  Along with confidence, she has grown in independence and skills. What you do in the classroom extends way beyond the fun two hours you deliver. It’s such a pleasure to see her grow. Thank you.”

LW: “We really enjoy the sessions. I find them so helpful for honing in on our daughter’s interests and abilities. Telling her she can do it rather than asking her if she can do it has made a huge difference. She really listens and enjoys taking action. She loves her new-found freedom and it’s exciting for us to be able to give her even more opportunities to fully participate. My husband enjoys loading and unloading the laundry with her, and over the weekend she started to walk to the mat to lie down for nappy changes. She’s so much happier doing things herself. I really appreciate what we’ve learned so far. Thanks again for your patience and practical advice.”

AK (age 2): “I have fun today with lady. She nice. She helping me. I like that class mummy. I climb up stairs. mazing (amazing). Was aaaaamazing. up and down white steps. So much fun. I washing my hands and I cut my banana and eat it with fork. I cut my own banana. Fuuuuun. fun. It was fun. Lots of fun. I playing insuments (instruments) zzzylophone. I washing windows mummy. I like. I play with girl and took her bottle. Naughty, I say sorry and cuddle her. I sharing with max. I waiting. Cleaning windows. I drink my water and using mop. I broke glass. Oh-no. How it happen? [Mum: don’t worry these things happen. she wasn’t upset with you. you learn like this. You were very busy today – what else did you do?] I did cutting. painting. eating and cutting my banana. I eat it all. I drinking my water from jug. Washing hands. [Mum: I was surprised she remembered everything and could describe it using all the words above. I wish I could have recorded it for you. She was so enthusiastic and happy. She just didn’t stop. She reeled of an entire list. We shall see you next week. Thanks for a great class.]”

YK: “I have found your setting immensely valuable in terms of my daughter’s development and, most importantly, can see how she has enjoyed it. I have admiration for your experience, setting and approachability.”

EC: “I can personally vouch for Rochelle Cutler’s Montessori classes – considered equipment for kids to play with, limited numbers per class so it’s a peaceful environment and she has the best damn nursery songs EVER! Seriously, I sing these to other kids and I’m No. 1 adult in the room! A whole other level! Highly recommend.”

MC (age 3): “Because I like playing with Rochelle’s toys. My favourite is the truck puzzle. And I like to fetch water for the herbs.”

LC: “Yesterday the Health Visitor came and did my daughter’s 2 year check. Not only did she ‘pass with flying colours’ but the HV was surprised and impressed by her ability at threading and completing the numbers puzzle. These, she said, are used for 3 year checks! She learnt threading about 9 months ago at your group. I remember because she was doing it at the summer session in the park. THAT’S why we love your group. She has learnt and developed so much and yet she has had so much fun as she is still playing, when she goes home every week and tells her dad what snack she has helped to prepare and has such pride in her face… and when she practices all the amazing new skills she learns at your group it makes me so happy to see how proud of herself she is. It’s also a group I enjoy as I get to meet and chat with the other parents who are seeing their children experience the same things with the same pride in their faces. I also love how you are with the kids. My daughter adores you and when you show her a new thing she is all ears and focused on what you are saying… so am I.  As much as she learns from your groups so have I. I cannot recommend your sessions highly enough.”

MM: “I attended an ‘I Can Do It’ group last week and really cannot praise it highly enough. It was friendly and welcoming with a great selection of Montessori activities, all very carefully chosen. Plus Rochelle herself is very knowledgeable. I was most impressed!”

MF: “In all of North London this is the only group we found, ‘I Can Do It Montessori’ truly is sound. It supports my little one in a straightforward and sensible way, a group that’s encouraging and nurturing and makes you want to stay. Rochelle, you are a blessing, thank you so. ‘Shell’ as you are called by my Rico. He stands back and observes and takes his time, for sure when we leave he is singing the rhymes. I love this wee group, although not forgetting, it is all about my little one and the happiness he is feeling. And the fulfilling days, when he turns and says, “Mumma, I can do it!”

RH: “What I love most about I Can Do It! is how the calm, quiet atmosphere really helps my son, aged 2, to concentrate on the activities and to explore them fully. The small groups mean that there isn’t competition for items, unlike in a typical playgroup. And the equipment is educational, top quality, and beautifully suited for this age range. My son is happy to stay for the 1½ hour session, whereas in a noisy, chaotic playgroup he often wants to leave early. We have been coming to the group since he was born and it has been great to see his developing interest in the different activities and types of equipment. And of course Rochelle is a fantastic source of advice and example of patience!!!”

LB: “We love your class because the environment is extremely calming… so many classes I go to are noisy and distracting for the wrong reasons. I love that all the toys are small and sized for toddlers, and that so many of the toys are actually everyday useful objects, e.g. dustpan! It is a great mix of educational activities, e.g. cleaning windows, sweeping up, chopping food… free play with great non-plastic / non-loud toys… and inclusive singing where the kids get to pick the picture we all sing about. And there is tea for the adults!”

AC: “I come with my son aged 2. He loves the range of toys and activities on offer. His favourite at the moment is cleaning the windows. He also loves the songs. I hear him singing them to himself as he goes off to sleep in the evening. The environment is beautifully set out with everything purposefully made for very young children.”

AR: “We love your classes because my son is learning so much with you. Especially about the meal time, where he learns to prepare the food, put it in the sharing bowl and take some fruits from the sharing bowl like everyone. He is learning to share with others. He loves your songs and asks for them constantly at home. I find they are beautifully chosen. He is very interested in listening to the instruments too. We also like the small animals and the pictures exactly matching them in size. He has started to match them; he wouldn’t if the pictures would have been different. I cannot list here everything, because your classes are just wonderful in many different ways.”

MA: “We love your sessions because we feel that we are becoming better parents and our children are learning how to play and interact with independence and confidence.   As a family we all have so much fun at your sessions. It’s a true oasis of calm, structured play and activities in a peaceful, tranquil environment!  Long may they continue you are very talented!”

EK: “My son loves preparing and having snacks with others. I like the lovely songs in your singing groups.”

SM: “I love your classes because you hold a special space for the children in which they are free to explore at their own pace. There are interesting, real-life things to play with and a belief that the children however small are capable of more than we imagine. The song session brings us together and challenges the children in a different way. Most of all, it is the caring and interested way that you engage with the children that makes it. Big thanks.”

KP: “My son is really enjoying your classes. It’s a great introduction to Montessori learning before he starts preschool. He loves interacting with the other children & learning new practical skills. I am enjoying watching his confidence grow and I am getting great advice to help his development.”

Our collaboration with Montessori on the Green was featured in the Enfield Advertiser in February 2015, promoting our new premises for longer baby and toddler group sessions (we’re on pages 15 & 18):

SS: “Thank you so much for by far the most enjoyable class we have done. Your caring, patient and lovely nature captured H and he regularly talks about Rochelle. I am constantly recommending you and will continue to do so.”

FE: “I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to get to know you and partake in your lovely toddler groups which my daughter and I have both enjoyed so much. It has really inspired my desire to take Montessori education further. I really like your calm and playful manner and the thoughtful and carefully planned activities you put out for us.”

AL: “We’ve just attended a taster session and I was really impressed, not just by Rochelle and her gentle, calm manner but by the beautiful, good quality toys and the variety within that one hour, and the calming environment.”

LS: “We signed up for the summer Friday playgroups, my little one absolutely loves them and looks forward to them every week. The activities are fun, varied, engaging, and the children love playing together.”

EC: “Have been taking my 2 year old son who was incredibly shy at first… Rochelle reassured me that it was normal for my little one to feel that way and he quickly came out of his shell.  The groups are no bigger than 12 per class which really helps if you have ‘shy’ kids and allows them to explore all of the room without getting on top of each other but still allows for them to be social. All the other mum’s were polite and welcoming to me and my son. Have already booked the next term :)”

AA: “We have been attending your group a little under a year now. Just wanted to say a massive heartfelt THANK YOU for creating such an experience. This is by far our favourite playgroup! The fact that activities are varied and interesting always keeps my daughter occupied. Whenever I am at lost, I always think back to the session for ideas on how to engage my little girl. Thank you again, you are definitely the Supernanny of Enfield! I think the work that you do is absolutely inspiring.”

TB: “I want to thank you very much for all the interesting activities and songs you do each week and the welcoming and safe environment you have created. I have watched my son grow in confidence over the years from dabs of paint to full on glitter and glue, and sitting on my lap during song time to taking possession of the chairs at the front! My daughter has just enjoyed every moment and truly has grown up in the group from a tiny wee baby to a little girl who is talking.”

LM: “It has been lovely attending I Can Do It! for the past two years and watching my daughter grow in confidence and ability. Thank you for providing such a calm and interesting environment – lots of happy memories for us! Also, the welcome document is such an interesting read. Thanks!”

JS: “I have been attending this class with my 22 month old since Sept 2012. I only planned to do a couple of terms but my daughter took to it so well we continued. The session is divided up very well so she never gets bored and the atmosphere is very calming. This I feel is a great accompaniment to our other playgroup which is loud, boisterous and not particularly educational. Best of both worlds!”

NK: “Rochelle facilitates a very well-structured session which lasts for one hour. It is very engaging and fun. My daughter absolutely loves coming to the group, and afterwards, she talks about Rochelle and the activities with a great excitement. These sessions also educate parents. Just listening to Rochelle’s gentle voice and observing how she communicates with children are very inspirational.”

VJ: “We attended I Can Do It! sessions in Enfield Town during the time we lived there. It opened my mind to new possibilities for my little girl. Even though she was just over one when we started attending, she was clearly interested in the different activities provided. I felt that the calm and spatially ordered Montessori approach gave all the children an opportunity to have a go at each activity. It also gets parents thinking about meaning and purpose behind the different activities too! The group, and Rochelle’s willingness to share her experience and insight, have had a lasting impact on the way that we think about playing, reading and carrying out everyday activities!”

MS: “This is one of the best toddler activities I take my daughter to. The structured play, singing and craft segments mean there is plenty of stimulation over the hour… The crafts are the biggest surprise for me… how Rochelle manages to get a bunch of toddlers sitting around a table loaded with paint, glue and glitter without havoc ensuing is a real credit to her!”

JS: “My 2 year old and I have been attending Rochelle’s group since Sept 2012. I have attended many groups over the last two years but none have kept us as interested and eager to attend as this one. Rochelle is quite simply a delight. She has such warmth and a genuine interest in the children that enables them to connect easily with her… The class gives me the opportunity to spend an uninterrupted hour with my son watching and helping him to learn, I have not come across any other class that enables this and again that keeps us enthralled week after week.”

N: “My daughter and I started coming to Rochelle’s class in January 2013. Its one of the best classes we have been to so far and we have attended many over the last two years. I am so happy that we found a class that at last my daughter absolutely loves… Clearly so much thought has gone into organising the class and the activities have so much meaning… We were only meant to attend a few sessions but I saw a great improvement with my daughter’s confidence in a short space of time; I just couldn’t resist the opportunity of what more classes can bring into our lives.”

SI: “I Can Do It is a very unique toddler group, underpinned by a philosophy (Montessori) that has great respect for the child. Rochelle herself is a lovely lady who cares about the children in her group. She creates a peaceful and educational space where toddlers are given the freedom to explore, play and have lots of fun… I used to travel to this group from East London!”

RH: “I go to the Oakwood group with my 2 1/2 year old son. Usually at playgroups he likes running around, and doesn’t like sitting still. But he likes this group because there is variety, which stimulates his mind… I like the Montessori approach, such as looking at a real apple, tasting it, then painting it. My son doesn’t tend to like craft, but he was enthusiastic about this, and I think the way it was related to the real apple helped.”

EM: “[We] have grown to really love the group and think that it is one of the best that we have ever been to, which is primarily down to Rochelle as group leader and just the right style of activities and a capped number of participants.”

MS: “Your session presents good value for money. You put so much thought into each week and we have really enjoyed them so far.”

CH: “Rochelle’s skills and knowledge as well as her enthusiasm for the kids are so lovely for parents to see.”

GV: “Thank you so much Rochelle. R had a great time and the artwork he did was just fantastic. I’m so pleased we found you – I think he’s going to get a lot out of this.”

SP: “It has always been a pleasure to attend your group (for both of us).You do a wonderful job of refreshing the materials and I wish you continued success.  I think your concept is unique – I know no other way for families to experience the Montessori principles in a recurring parent-and-child environment, which I valued tremendously.”

DF: “The little group is fantastic and C has loved it.  I wish you every success. We have really enjoyed our time with you and will certainly recommend you.”