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Free 7-Day Montessori Observation Challenge

Welcome to our Free 7-Day Montessori Observation Challenge!

Find out why Montessori observation is such a vital part of effective parenting, and how to use your new observation skills to navigate through challenges as they happen to create strong, positive attachment.

“From the Montessori point of view, the purpose of observation could be thought of as the cornerstone of our work. It is the indispensable part which makes our work come alive and become meaningful. It is a tool which enables us to follow the child’s spontaneous manifestations, not with the aim of studying the psychology of the child, but in order to refine our own thinking and understanding… to give the child the help [they have] the right to receive.” – Hilla Patell, AMI Trainer Emeritus, via NAMTA, Phoenix, Arizona, 1989

Can you find 5 minutes each day to sit down and watch your child playing independently? That’s all you need to take part in our Montessori observation challenge:

You can choose 5 minutes at any time of day: mealtimes, bath time, play time, indoors, outdoors – any time your child is doing something for themselves 🙂

Discover easy ways you can observe your child’s interests. Then use these insights to create fun activities that perfectly align with their current development.

  • Each day there’s a new focus for you to observe. You’ll start seeing the tiny details that make up the bigger picture and connect more effectively with what your child needs right now.

Develop your observation skills step by step. Learn how Montessori teachers tune into each child as an individual, guiding them gently towards activities that suit their personality and current development.

  • Find out what a huge impact your objective Montessori observations will have on your child’s daily life, and why observation is the secret to effective Montessori practice.

At the end of the week you’ll receive a selection of ideas and strategies specifically tailored to your child.

  • Plus. you’ll be invited to join our Montessori Observation Community, where you’ll receive activities and ongoing support based on your weekly observations.

See how 5 minutes of daily observation can boost your connection with your child.

  • You’ll be able to support them to develop secure attachment, confidence, independence, self-worth, communication skills, self-discipline, and every other aspect of their development – for the rest of their life!

“A soundly objective method is based on observation, the observation of facts, which is why the Montessori Method is entirely different from all the other methods, which came from certain people who arrived at certain theories.” – Dr Maria Montessori, The 1946 London Lectures, p.29, via

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