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Baby Group Testimonials

SR: “A calm, clean, and peaceful environment for my baby to explore and learn with other babies. I can meet other like-minded parents, have a chat and play with their babies too. The learning toys are a joy: no electronics, buttons, batteries, or screens in sight: such a relief!!! Also Rochelle is fantastic with children. Feel very lucky to have found this group!”

NP: “My daughter and I love your class for many reasons! We love the calming atmosphere of the group, as well as the freedom she gets to explore all of the great wooden toys you have. It feels safe for me to let her roam free and she loves it! After the session we always come away feeling good.”

SV: “In this world where there seem to be mostly plastic and battery operated toys, I love the toys in your group which are made of natural materials and give a more sensory experience.”

AS: “I absolutely love the small and friendly classes. Having to stay with my son really allows me to shut off from the world and concentrate on me and my baby, while interacting with others in a very calm environment. It has helped him develop new skills and learn how to join in with others independently, as when I first brought him he was so attached to me. As everything is left for him to decide what he wants to explore and do next, it has made him more confident without me behind him and I get to enjoy watching him learn and explore all the new things! I am so happy I discovered these classes and really happy that my son enjoys them too :)”