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What kind of toys will we have for babies?

What kind of toys will we have for babies?

Are you wondering what kind of toys we will have for babies from 0-11 months?  Here’s a sneak preview!

For 0-6 months:

Montessori toys for 0-6 months

For 4-11 months:

Montessori toys for 4-11 month olds

Some of our beautiful mobiles for 0-4 months:

Montessori Munari mobile

Montessori Gobbi mobile

We’ll also be running material-making workshops later this year so you can learn how to make mobiles, simple toys and language materials for your children at home.

Click here to find out about our current groups and workshops.

4 thoughts on “What kind of toys will we have for babies?

  1. Rochelle Post author

    Hi Wendy, I’d suggest a few Orchard Toys board games (for 3 years and up); colourful building blocks and a basic wooden train set (which are popular with many ages and offer open-ended play); Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks; soft balls for feeling, throwing and kicking. Babies will also have lots of fun with kitchen utensils such as wooden and metal spoons, pots and pans. There would be something for everyone within this selection!

  2. Wendy Boast

    Hi Rochelle I’d love some advice from you on what baby toys to stock in my holiday cottages. They’d need to be pretty indistructible and engaging of course!

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