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The Complete Montessori Parenting Course – family workshops

Friendly, informal family mentoring workshops help you find solutions to all your parenting challenges:

  • Are you frustrated because your children seem to rule your home?
  • Or desperate for a night of unbroken sleep?
  • Are you exhausted from tantrums, arguments and power-struggles around routines, sibling rivalry or homework?
  • Or resorting to bribery and threats to get your children to do as they’ve been asked?
  • Is your child transitioning from baby to toddler, toddler to young child, or preparing to start nursery or school?
  • Is it time for your child to stop using nappies, or are you finding that toilet learning isn’t going as smoothly as you’d hoped?
  • Do you want to create a rich language environment and support your child to achieve their potential?
  • Do you need help creating a home space that invites exploration and independence, with gentle routines and structure?

I can help! With simple, effective, gentle parenting techniques, and non-judgmental, practical support.

“Rochelle is a total miracle-worker as far as I am concerned!”
“Since your visit, things have improved 100%”
“If you ever stop and wonder ‘why does he do that… why won’t he listen… how do I deal with the tantrums… how can I get him to go to sleep… etc.’ then this is for you!”
“Rochelle listens and gives you clear and sensible advice on how to deal with such problems. Like having your very own supernanny!”

  • Learn simple, effective ways to use positive discipline at home.
  • Get expert advice and tips so your home can be a happy, calm, stress-free place for your whole family.
  • Discover how to handle developmental transitions smoothly.
  • Find out fun ways to teach your child language, maths and other educational concepts.

Achieve the results you need with gentle, respectful, kind and firm strategies.

In these 90-minute Family Mentoring Workshops you will discover how to:

  • Support your child’s need for independence and control
  • Give your child assertiveness skills to last throughout their life
  • Create a supportive home environment that aids transition and change and supports development
  • Avoid arguments and tantrums
  • Tame aggressive behaviour
  • Deal with sleep problems
  • Encourage independence
  • Support free thought and language skills
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Recognise the changes that signal a developmental transition
  • Use simple, effective techniques to smooth the journey

I can provide Zoom workshops, child-friendly daytime workshops, or evening workshops for parents only.

  • In our daytime interactive workshops you are welcome to bring your children so they can play and be involved whilst you are learning.
  • These sessions are very much about you and not a formal lecture format. Bring all your parenting challenges and discover proven solutions to make your home happy and calm.
  • Sessions can be held via Zoom, in your own home, or at the beautiful Bardfield Montessori Nursery in Great Bardfield, Essex. In previous years we’ve held courses in Finchley and Winchmore Hill, North London.
  • The cost is £30 per family for a 90-minute session.

You can also book Bespoke Workshops for you and 4+ friends in your own home:

  • Do you have 4-10 friends who would like to book a workshop?
  • Is there a space available in your home that we can use for our informal sessions?
  • Contact Rochelle to find out how to book a bespoke workshop that will cover all your challenges and leave you with solutions to create calm and happy homes!

And the Online Montessori Positive Parenting course launched in 2020 and is available to purchase via PayPal.

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