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Montessori in the Home Workshops

Montessori in the Home Workshops: for families with children from 0-12 years.

Our Montessori in the Home workshops give you the opportunity to learn and apply Montessori techniques at your own pace.

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Workshops coming soon:

  • Solving common challenges: bedtime; mealtimes; toileting; tantrums
  • Montessori maths activities (4-7s)
  • Montessori in the kitchen
  • Art and self-expression
  • Practical life and outdoor explorations
  • Resolving sibling rivalry
  • Handling transitions (baby to toddler, toddler to young child, starting nursery or school, new siblings, new home)

Locations: London and Essex

Duration: 90-minutes

Cost: £28 per family

Contact me for more information and payment details. Terms and conditions apply.

Previous Workshops:

Our workshops cover a variety of areas:

Handling Transitions:

Discover how to handle developmental transitions smoothly, including the changes from baby to toddler, toddler to young child, and starting nursery or school. Learn how to:

  • Recognise the changes that signal a developmental transition
  • Use simple, effective techniques to smooth the journey
  • Support each child’s need for independence and control
  • Give every child assertiveness skills to last throughout their life
  • Create a supportive home environment that aids transition and change

Positive Discipline Techniques

Simple, effective ways to use positive discipline at home and achieve the results you need with gentle, respectful, kind and firm techniques. Find solutions for many family challenges including:

  • Avoiding arguments and tantrums
  • Taming aggressive behaviour
  • Encouraging independence
  • Supporting free thought and language skills
  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence
  • Creating an optimal home environment for development


Simple, effective games and activities to play at home and enrich your children’s language environment:

  • Pre-reading and pre-writing activities
  • Consolidate reading and writing already learned
  • Develop concentration and keep attention on a task
  • Co-operate with you, other adults and children
  • Follow instructions willingly
  • Develop independent thought and actions
  • Be happy to help around the home
  • Understand abstract concepts such as colour, shape and texture.

Practical Life in the Home

Experience a day through your child’s eyes and discover how to support your child:

  • Independence in self-care – for example, dressing, washing, eating and toileting
  • Concentration when playing and learning
  • Set up rooms safely to invite free movement and promote independent actions
  • Give constructive praise and positive acknowledgement
  • Use simple techniques to avoid arguments and resolve common conflicts
  • Enable your child to create basic trust in themselves and the world as a whole.